Auckland Fire Training night!

We’re always looking to keep our Talent trained up to the highest level, and recently we had a training night in Auckland for a select few who show promise in the realm of fire.

Our Talent Manager in Auckland took the session, and showed them the ropes – moving from fire wands to fire fans. It was a fantastic night and a great success for us, as everyone enjoyed playing with fire! One of the many services that Highly Flammable provides is in the team development and building area. One of the key things that we do within this is putting people in situations where they are out of their comfort zone, which is achieved through the use of fire training or even stilt walking. All of our classes are safe as we have approved handlers on site who are comfortable with fire and stilts, having been trained as well as being trainersĀ themselves. If you’re interested in running a fire or stilt walking class with your team, please contact


Check out a few snaps from the evening below: