Cricket World Cup 2015

We’ve had a pleasure being involved with the Cricket World Cup in New Zealand, with all of the amazing entertainment we have put on in Wellington and Auckland. To begin with, a huge shout out for all of those who have helped us along the way! We’ve had such an amazing time with you over the last few weeks, among the fans, in the stadium, along the fan trails and in various parades – you have all given us more reasons to love Highly Flammable.

We’ve been able to deliver some amazing costuming thanks to our creative team, who have been firing out some amazing props and gear in the form of giant cricket bats, knee pads, and more! Sitting in our Wellington office, late at night, mirroring a cricket bat, or mending broken pads because our performers have been putting so much energy into the supporting all of the teams recently.

A massive thank you to our clients who have been working tirelessly to produce one of the most amazing events we have every been to, ATEED in Auckland, WCC events team in Wellington, and the Orange Group – just to name a few. We appreciate all of the work you’ve done, and have had an amazing time putting together all of these performance pieces for you! Looking forward to what we can work on in the future is a highlight of our day!

Here’s a few images from the various entertainment we have put on throughout the course of the last weeks!