Dynamic Jugglers

Two ground Jugglers interact and entertain at ground level with a range of performance arts such as Juggling, Poi, Ribbons or/and flags. These jokers are a perfect fun and interactive addition to any event and are dressed in colourful costumes!
– Video link: https://vimeo.com/119191054

Characters and costumes are able to be costumed for any occasion too – formal, colourful or even our ‘Lion character Jugglers’!

We think one of the most important things about Juggling to us is ‘interaction’ – juggling is great as something ‘to watch’, but we think it is even better if the Jugglers will interact and get event guests involved in the fun too! Types of fun interactions include passing the balls around, playing catch and juggle with the kids, teaching others to juggle and even having a bit of a laugh and joke around!

Find out what we can do for your next event by sending us an email to info@highlyflammable.co.nz or checking out our – contact page!