Our Story

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A bit about Highly Flammable.

Born in the deep south, Highly Flammable Ltd came into existence in the year 2010. It all started in Dunedin, where we worked hard to forge a professional brand through providing the best in creative entertainment. What started as a few small events has quickly become one of New Zealand’s most sought-after event entertainment providers with our wide range of products and ability to customise everything down to the smallest detail.

Coming from Dunedin, we’re not afraid of hard work, always pulling out all the stops for your event. You see, we care about your  guests having the best stories, small or large event we’ll always deliver high quality diverse entertainment. For us it is this approach to events that sets us apart, we want to know everything about your event so we can offer the best experience possible.

To better service New Zealand we now have offices in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch to better provide for all of New Zealand.


Our Product Philosophy.

When we started we had some basic services available for hire. Items such as stilt walkers, jugglers, statues – all with standard costuming.

Fast forward and we now have a huge customised product range, built on the premise or quality entertainment products that will bring joy, smiles, and general happiness to everyone we perform to. Something that we really wanted to focus on with Highly Flammable is bringing a corporate feel to our product range. This involves increasing the standard of dress before and after events, professional communication, and working closely with our clients to achieve what they want and adapting our services to fit. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our product, from design to deployment, we’re always fine tuning.

We believe that what we offer brings a spark to any event that can be dreamed up, and we’re here to fulfill the potential of anything that comes our way. So get in touch and we’ll bring you better event stories.


Meet the team.

Logan Elliott

Logan Elliott

Logan Elliott is an entrepreneur and the business and operations manager of Highly Flammable Ltd. Logan grew up in Christchurch and moved to Dunedin in 2006 to study Biotech Sciences at the University of Otago.
While studying; Logan also learnt the art of Fire Performance and Stilt Walking and managed a small group of semi professional talented performers next to his studies. In addition he was involved in setting up and running a students organisation (ASSA), running a music and performance festival (Circulation Festival) and running various conferences, charity events, formals and workshops.
Logan then completed a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship, co-founded Highly Flammable Ltd and then built a team around him to grow the business nationally.
Logan now spends his time managing and growing the business and guest speaking at events nationally. He is passionate about creative entertainment, travelling, creating new ideas and spending time with ‘other nutty entrepreneurs’. His motto is ‘Vita Valebat’ – ‘a life of adventure’.



Simon Jarvis

Simon Jarvis HFNZ copy

Simon Jarvis is a designer and creative director of Highly Flammable based in the Wellington office. Simon grew up in Wellington, where he also studied a Bachelor of Design Innovation (Industrial Design) at Victoria.

While studying Simon was not content with an ordinary student life. He was involved in the local AIESEC chapter, a business entrepreneurship group which specialises in cultural exchanges, as well as STUDiO (Design & Architecture student union), along with working closely with the Brazilian Film Festival. All of this has allowed Simon to work with amazing people and further himself professionally and personally, of which is brought into Highly Flammable.

When he is not on the road, or developing new products through intensive research and development, Simon is managing all of Highly Flammable’s creative departments. His passions lie in design, technology, travel, photography, and adventuring with anyone else who is as ‘crazy’ as him!



To find out what we can do for your next event – get in touch now! Feel free to download a copy of our current HF Services Menu.