Terms and Conditions

Highly Flammable General Terms Contract

– This terms sheet is made official by payment of deposit invoice or agreement of a booking via email or phone.


Please note everything is up for discussion/clarification and potential changes to this agreement via email are possible, but we prefer this is done before a booking is made.




– The quoted prices are only valid for two weeks from the date of receipt. We recommend the 50% booking deposit to be made at your earliest possibility to secure the performance and price.


– Each performance option attracts a minimum one hour booking rate. Performance times of 2hrs or more may be broken up into segments and spread out over a longer period, to a limit.


– Most performance options have a two performer minimum booking rate (i.e. 2x Stilt Walkers). Mirrorman is one exception and other exceptions may be possible if discussed. This is due to setup time and costs of each event booking.


– We reserve the right (normally in communication with you) to change plans at the event due to performer safety concerns. This includes weather or slippery ground due rain where our Stilt Walkers cannot safely perform – in which case we will make do by having characters at ground level instead of Stilt Walkers.


– 50% Booking deposit is required to confirm a booking. We recommend you book as early as possible so you secure your desired performance and avoid higher costs for last minute bookings.


– Standard booking prices also include a “Performance Coordinator” to overlook the performances (this means you don’t have to worry about performances on the day).

– Note with some events; one of the performers/staff may be the Coordinator too (such as a photographer or head instructor with workshops for example).


– We encourage the promotion of Highly Flammable prior and at events. This can be a good way to promote the event and add value to the event. Please advise if you require a written blurb, MC Blurb or photos. We encourage the promotion of our website (http://highlyflammable.co.nz/) and facebook (http://www.facebook.com/HighlyFlammableNZ) links.


– Highly Flammable Ltd has the right to the use of any images taken at the event of Highly Flammable performance concepts (images taken by Highly Flammable Ltd or other event photographers). Any photos Highly Flammable takes at an event are Intellectual Property of Highly Flammable Ltd. Any images taken of Highly Flammable concepts may be used for event promotional purposes, with permission from Highly Flammable, as long as the images have the name Highly Flammable on the image. Exceptions possible on discussion.


– Clients agree that they will organise a changing/rest area, as well as a car park, if required. In some situations food/drink may be required (only if specifically discussed). Please advise if you plan to feed our performers.


– Clients agree they will provide times/runsheets of required rehearsals/stage meetings and showtime at the time of booking; with exceptions to be discussed. Please note if times are changed or extra meetings are required that we are not made aware of at time of booking – then we may need to add an extra fee.


– Strict safety measures are followed including safety procedures, training, equipment and full Public Liability Insurance. Please advise if you need to see our Insurance Policy or Health and Safety Plans.


– After the 50% booking fee payment; the Remainder balance of payment needs to be made within 3 days of the event; please let us know at your earliest if this is an issue and we can discuss other options. Highly Flammable has a respected reputation and is a professional business and therefore there is no risk involved in full payment prior; which is becoming industry standard.

– If payment is not made by the agreed date above (or no exception is discussed and confirmed) then a 20% total bill penalty fee is payable, this fee will become 40% if the payment is not made within 30 days of the agreed date. This fee covers the damage and time to chase up and change our internal cashflow plans. This is also applicable if an agreed exceptions pay date is not made in time.


– If you are applying for funding for this performance or are pitching it to another organisation we can assist with official quotes, pitch documents and additional information – please let us know.


– We are GST registered and provide one GST invoice for deposit and another for remainder payment. We are not required to have withholding tax removed as we are a GST registered company.



Cancellation Policy:

– When a performance needs to be postponed; the situation is to be negotiated case by case and depends on the time of postponement (ie if the postponement is done within 48hrs of a start time then a fair and reasonable extra fee may be required to help cover our associated setup and performer costs/time).


In the event of a full cancellation (by the client, or for reasons beyond Highly Flammable’s control) to be made prior to 72hrs before the event, a 50% (the booking deposit) fee is applied.

For any event beyond 100km of Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland this needs to be cancelled at least five days (120hrs) before the time due onsite (in which the 50% fee still applies).


– In the event of a cancellation inside the times specified above, but prior to 24 hours before the official event start time; 75% of the total payment is applied and is payable. Note exceptions to out of town events below.


– In the event of a cancellation within 24 hours of the official start of a performance or during a performance, the full fee is applied.


– For events out of town 100% is due for events cancelled on the day of the event or the day before the event, 75% is payable for the time prior to this. Please note an exception may be made if discussed and put in writing.


– These cancellations include, but are not limited to, reasons of weather or other adverse condition that affects the safety of performers, audience, or property. These shall be deemed outside the control of Highly Flammable. In all circumstances, we shall endeavour to perform as agreed, and stay in communication with the client regarding the possibility of cancellation or postponement. However, in the event of disagreement, the Highly Flammable Performance Coordinator shall make the final decision as to whether a performance goes ahead. The client accepts that the inclusion of this provision does not change that the circumstances are beyond Highly Flammable’s control.



If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are looking forward to ‘Providing the Spark’, and working with you to make your event something extra special!
Kind regards



Logan Elliott

Manager, Highly Flammable Ltd




Download a copy of our terms and conditions here.